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They are the one

In my 5 years of staying in thailand, i have came in contact with so many friends. some became good friend, some became close friend. among my friends, i am trying to give a little description of my close friends at thailand below.


her real name is Attiporn Chanwilai. every body calls her as Tukta. it means "Doll". she is a very good girl.


wannapa therekulpasit or add is one of my closest friend. she is currently studying at abac.


Nipaphan or NI is one of my very old good friend. we have studied together in several subject. she is a thai-chinese girl .


He is my closest friend among the male friends. He is a ever laughing guy with friendly behavior.


she is my first friend at Thailand. eventhough we never studied together but we were very close friend.

BoB or PoP

Eventhough he is one of my closest friend. i always had a confussion about pronouncing his name. sometimes he called as "BOB" sometimes as "POP". Anyway i met him in my 1st year at abac.