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welcome    to    small    world.       come    and    know    me    through    internet.

hi everyone!!! thanks for your visit to my little world. this is my 2nd effort to improve my homepage. i am not a proffessional in computer but i am trying to make my page by myself. hope you all would like it. my name is !!!Litu!!! as you know from the first page. i am in the above picture. it's one of my graduation picture. i graduated BBA from assumption university thailand on last march 2000. i took the picture with my friends after my graduation. can you guess which one in the picture is me? let it secrete for now. you would know me after you finish reading all the pages. i have kept a great links with my page. for example, sites for hunting job, reading news, knowing about thailand, cool links about thailand, your all types of personal pleasure , etc. etc. if you are a student and trying to find information regarding your report or about thailand, my small page might help you by let you go to the cool links. these are really great links. so enjoy my site and don't forget to email me if you want to know more.

litu's great links

Buddha sasana
a gate way to buddhism and meditation. this site would take you to the heaven of meditation. click on the topics you want! all are FREE !! don't worry about the word BOOKS.
jobpilot, you can also find in or the nation group newspaper web site
these are sites containing job opportunity in thailand.
type in all the information you need in this powerful search engine. this is the easiest way to find information for your report.
astrology for everyday
this is a astrology site which contain horoscope for you for everyday.
adult pleasure, don't get in if less than 21
for adult pleasures. don't enter into this site if you are below 21
assuption university
this is a the number one english medium university in thailand.
a website on bangladesh , you can also visit
you can find news and alot of things about bangladesh in these two website.
this a great site for sending cool cards.

my   university   life

as you know i graduated from assumption university thailand. it's a very nice high quality english medium university. it's new campus is the tallest among the asian university. it had built a new campus in bangna , bangkok. it is very very beautiful. if you are in thailand you better visit the new campus, it's great from the design. looks like italian architecture. if you want to study in thailand , you should study to this amezing university. in the above picture i and my friend from bangladesh was sitting near the pond at abac old campus. the old campus has the program for postgraduate and 1st and 2nd year of undergraduate students. so come and visit our university at