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My other good friends

During my staying over thailand, i have came in contact with so many good person. some of this good friends are mentioned below.



NUch is a Friend of my good old friend NI. we all studied togather At ABAC.

Buddhist Club

In my last semester at abac i got practically involved with the Buddhist club. eventhough i used to join the buddhist club activity from time to time from 2nd year, but i never joined with anyclub that time. so in the last semester i had a lot of fun . i had lot of good experience and alots of good friends. the people at buddhist club are very friendly. during the last semester i got chace to join in different types of buddhist club activites. all the person in the buddhist club treated me like a family. so i liked it very much. i understood the co-operatism is very good for the society. among the good friends at buddhist club , some are: