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Road to Heaven

Thailand or Once known as "Siam" is situated in the southeast part of asia. it is sorrounded by vietnum, Mynmer, Laos, and Combodia. By economy, political and sociocultural environment thailand is for sure in a advantageous position. I have an great opportunity to stay in this warm country for nearly five years. based on my experience i am writing about thailand here under.

Thailand is known as the city of smile, because of it's people. Thai people is very gentle in nature. You can hardly see people are fighting in the street nor that you can see strike or violance. Yes indeed sometimes someplace it occurs but compare to naivouring countries it's less. It doesn't mean that there is no violance or illegal issues. Yes people are generally gentle outside but the enemity among the business men , or colegue is very high.

Thailand is a very beautiful country. Countless temples, monks, sky srcipers, expressways, etc. Adorns Thailand with beauty and flavour. Thailand's development works are mainly it's capital,bangkok centered. Yes it's true that, other cities has also been improved and developed but not as bangkok. Moreover it's main economic centers are situated in bangkok. So bangkok is the most densely populated city in thailand. But eventhough it's beauty is admirable thanks to countless temples and royal instalments.

The main problem of bangkok is the traffic jam. This is one of the negetive point of bangkok. Especially in the office hours in the morning and in he evening the roads are jammed with office and school goers.

Thai people are very easy going. They have a very good culture. But at present they are changing. They are adopting from the west. They adopts from the west faster and easier than the other nations. By nature almost all thai people has a weakness towards people from the west. With due respect to thai culture and custome i have noticed from my own experience the two way judgement based on nationality. Anyway i won't bombered this pages with my bad experiences. What i had is may the individual's thought or judgement. I won't make it as stereotype thinking.

Yes it's true that thai people are sensitive. Especially about their self image. Anyway thailand has alot of thing to offer the foreigners. That's why huge number of foreign travelers comes to thailand everyyear. Thailand's one of the main source of foreign earnings is the tourism industry. They do have a great weakness towards the western countries. Also on the white skin. I am saying this from my own observation. But still i would say general thai people are gentle and cute. Anyway i would say based on my good experience.

Like other asians thais respect and concerns about their parents. There is a strong presence of seniority. I like their custom of showing respect the elders. They also has a respect for individual no metter which proffession they are in. It's very nice. Thai teen agers are quite different. They love to live a labish life. Love and romance are main two issues keeps the teen-agers busy. Hence they are not to much concerned about politics or violence. They also keep themselves busy with their studies along with their personal life. I like this thing because students can concerntrate on creating their own future. I find it good because ahuge number of teen-agers dies everyyear in my country due to political violence. Unlike that thai teen-agers are busy with study and romance. The main problem with the thai teen-agers is the drug adiction. crime and violence related to drug business is very high in thailand. So everyday there are of news regarding this on TV, Radio , Newspaper. Added with this problem, is the problem of Sex related deasese. The number of AIDs patients is alot. despite the public awareness it's increasing. So people needed to take extra care inorder to avoid the problem. At last i can say, No matter what is the problem, thailand is a very very nice country to live in. because of it's people and natural and manmade beauty. It's open culture and hospitability brings the people from all around the world. because of it's own charecter. So i myself would love to invite you all atleast once in your life time you should visit "Thailand".



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