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    hello welcome to my world. I am a Masters in IT working on my own. I like astrology. I know some Palm reading, face reading and astrology. I like to play chess. And i love good food.

I came from a family of five. My Family is a petriotic family. my grand father was a soilder in the British army in India. He was a great soilder. He died in the Burmese front in the 2nd world war against japanese. i feel proud for my grand father. may his soul rest in peace. my father's uncle was an intelectual. he was ateacher. he was killed by Pakistani troops during our liberation war in 1971. He was a Unarmed civilian but because of his intelectual thought , Pakistani soilder killed him brutally.May his soul rest in peace.
I dedicate this page to these two brave person who fought for right, and gave their life for their country.



I came from a happy family. There are five members in my family. I am the yongest of three sons. My father is retired air force personnel. He was the best engineer in his time. very rare in military and very respectable. he is the best father in the world. I love my father very much.
my mother is a housewife. She devotes her all the time for us. She is also a graduate in arts. she loves Ambroidary, Batic etc. she is the best mother in the world. i love my mother very much.
I have two lovely Elder brothers. they love me very much. I love my family very much.


My friends are cool - they all have Tripod pages!
please click on the page you want to visit. Enjoy yourself.


I like prediction. i want to know about astrology, palm readings, face reading. I love to play chess, football and cricket. In this website i have given the general people a chance to learn about astrology for free.




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