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From the very ancient time people began to belive in astrology. not because they were uncivilized but because of it 's realistic existence. how and when it came into people's thought is very hard to say. but years after years many people devoted their time, energy, money and work to invent, modify, correct and improve the astrology. in my little effort i would explain my dear readers a glims of my knowledge on astrology.
Astrology is a very vast knowledge and also very complex. no man can become a master of astrology. because it has many branchs. one astrologer can have knowledge on different branchs but still he or she can't be the master of that. also it's very important to remember in all the time that, astrology can't be 100% true. a person must not have 100% faith on it. but astrology do become true. it's also very important to remember that, the acuracy of the astrology depends on the astrologers. one might be fulse astrologer but doesn't mean that, the whole astrology is wrong or fulse. so it depends on the individuals and the astrologer's ability to be right.
There are a lot of branchs of astrology. i can give a little introduction to few branchs. there are:
There are many more types of astrology. also the metod of analyze may differ because of cultural practice. some major schools in astrology are chinese ; indian ; european astrology. all three of them has different ways of analyze. so just click on the above topic to know a little of what i know.

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