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a mole is a black spot that a human may have in any part of his or her body. it looks like a small dot (.) . the branch of astrology which is developed on the mole, is called molelogy. an expart astrologer can tell about a person's charecter, some past and future through the moles. the advantage of this knowledge is that, you can know and guess about a person without talking to that individual.

mole on the face

A. a mole on the this position means that, you are matured at a very early age.
B. a possible loss of money at around 48.
C. a possible illness at around 41-45
D. a loss of money at middle age.
E. if male: would have problem with coulegue at the age of 50-52
if female: might have difficulty in giving birth to a child.
any person who has mole near or on lips should be aware of water. he or she might have denger at the sea.
F. a mole on the eyebrow means that, this person might have an accident at around 32-35
G. ability to control others. h. quick to make decision. I. problem with parents. one of the parent might have mental problem
J. lonely old age. K. Mole on the check. if it's in one side, that person may die far away from his or her birthplace.
L. a mole on the pulse point means that, that person has the ability to be good partner/husband/wife.
M. a mole right under the eye means:
left : his children might have some health problem.
right: he might stay apart from his wife/ partner. it may be stay away for work or other or devorse or unmarried. etc.
left: stay apart from the husband
right: her children might have some health problem.
N. it is on the check . it's known as the beauty spot. a mole on both side increase the personality power while one in one side decreases the power.
O(a) : upper part of the back of the ear: problem with parents
(b) : middle of the back of the ear:
(c) : lower part of the back of the ear: adverse effect on wealth.

body mole

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