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Thanks for your nice interest about my sweet country. I was born in Bangladesh. By birth, by heart, by mind and by face I am a Bangladeshi. It is a very small country.With an area of about 144,000 sq km, Bangladesh is situated between latitudes 20~34' and 26~38' north and latitudes 88~01' and 92~41' east. The country is bordered by India on the east, west and north and by the Bay of Bengal on the south. There is also a small strip of frontier with Burma on the southeastern edge. The land is a deltaic plain with a network of numerous rivers and canals. But it has a very long history, not to mention it's nice warm people.


Table 2.1: Enumerated and Adjusted Population -1991 |-----------|------------ --|-------------------------| | Sex | Enumerated | Adjusted for Undercount | | Total | 106314992 | 111455185 | | Male | 54728350 | 57313929 | | Female | 51586642 | 54141256 | |-----------|----------------|-------------------------|
According to the Population Census 1991, the total population of Bangladesh is 11,14,55,185 of which 89,000,111 persons live in rural area, 12,801,266 persons in municipalities and 9,653,808 persons in other urban areas. This shows that 79.95% of total population live in rural area and 20.15% in urban area. An inter country comparison in the sex composition of the population of Bangladesh with that of other countries found that Bangladesh is characterized by a preponderance of males over females compare to Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. Bangladesh and India follow Pakistan in having the highest sex ratios. The status of females may have contributed to their under-reporting hence there is high sex ratios. Higher female mortality could also be a probable factor leading to high sex ratio.
Below here are some facts about Bangladesh in short. if you want to know more please contact with me i would give you the URL addresses.