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Our Culture

Bangladesh has a very rich cultural background. our history began way back in the same time as india. at past bangladesh included part of india, namely West Bengal, tripura, Asam etc. But in 1947 during the particial the Hindu dominated Bengal provinces Joined with India and Muslim dominated regions joined with Pakistan. In 1971 we got our independence from Pakistan. But still West Bengal culture and language is same as Main Bangladesh. So often Bengal culture overlaps these two parts of the country. In anyway bengali culture includes both the parts.


Bangladeshi culture is similer to India, Pakistan, Nepal. Actually we are more conservative. the people are very sensitive and petriotic. we love nature and comfort. people work hard through out the whole year. we love our family very much. and family is a very sensitive issue. child birth rate and child death rate are very high. people love literature very much. we care a great deal about our culture and heritage. most of all most of the people love politics. may be that's why we have so many political events and problems. the average life expentancy is around 55. people usually marry for once and care about their children. teenagers in our country loves tobe in a group. they love having fun through games, talk, TV, VDO and politics. Politics usually starts from the university life. many teenagers die everyyear because of the political violence. this is a sad and very important issue. everything depends on the political leaders, because they are the persons who creates the violence. but the result is suffered by the young teenagers/ university students.


We believe that people should Marry for only once in a life time. and so people usually Marry for once. Love, effection,responsibility and Obedience is the main reasons for lasting a relationship for long. most of our marriage are arranged marrage. that's mean the parents or the guardians would select the bride or groom. Now a days this tradition is being easied. that means more and more love marrage is comming into being. childreen can choose their girl and full in love. yes it's heppenning. and the number is huge. but still the majority of the marriage are arranged marriage.
people often misunderstand about the arranged marrage. even in the arranged marrage childreen still has the freedom of choice. a groom can choose the bride from alot of choices. if he doesn't want to marry someone, he would be provided with another choice. same is true for the bride but in a lower level. usually everything depends on the family tradition. some family allows greater flexibility in choosing. while some families are very strict in choice. some parents allow their children to have their own choice, while some parents doesn't give that kind of chances. in a marrage a groom's family mostly concerns about the girl's family, social status, beauty, age, and qualities. the bride's family mostly concerns about the boy's family, education, job, and charecter history. money, wealth also has a great effect on the marrage.
the average age of marriage is based on gender. usually, if you are a male : the age is 25-30 ; if you are female : the age is 18-25. it's very important that a girl must be a VIRGIN before a marriage. A girl can hardly get married for Twice. the society doesn't give them chance to marray twice. hence the girls try their best to keep intact of their marriage life. more over it's a ccultural value that a girl considers her husband the most respectable person after the "God". after marrage the girls are moved with the groom's family and should look after the groom's parents. the bride would change her last name according to her husband's name. the family is usually governed by the man. but slowly as the age grows many of the man surranders the bride giving them the right to govern the family.
below here is a site where you know more about a bengali wedding ceremony, what are ceremony and what heppens in the wedding ceremony.


our culture is very conservative, so dress should cover the body properly. the main cloth for bengali ladies is the "SARI". "SARI" is a very well known cloth. Sari has many designs and colors. the price veries on the element, color, and designs. A Sari can be priced between 150/250 Take to 50,000 Taka or more. 1 US Dolor = 54 Taka. men usually wears Shirt and pants. the general people loves to wear "LONGI" and shirt/ t-shirt. LOONGI is a piece of cloth sewed and weared by a knot made by hand. the teenagers loves to wear jeans and t- shirts or shirt. the teenager ladies loves to wear sari or "KamiJ". if you wanna know more about sari click links below:
  • How to wear Sari
  • Buy sari
  • what is sari


    Bengali people loves to eat. ladies at home often spent their most of the time for cooking different kinds of testy food for their familiess. a girl should know cooking in order to get a good marriage. there are plenty food and foods comes in different types and teste. bengali people usualy take food for 4/ 5 times PER DAY. these are , BREAK FAST,(AFTER NOON SNACK), LAUNCH, EVEING FOOD, DINNER. Eating by hand is a Normal practice in bengali tradition. there are plenty of restaurents here and there. but the teste veries as per the cooker's ability. the timing, ingredients and proper way to make the food is very important.
    Bengali People loves the winter season very much. because in this season women makes different types of winter cakes which are excelent in teste. CAKES ARE KNOWN AS "PITHA" IN BENGALI LANGUAGE. some of these great Cakes are , "VHAPA PITHA" , "CHITOL PITHA" , "PATISHAPTA" , ETC. if you are abroad you can find bengali food in bengli restuarent or in indian restuarents. if you are living in thailand, you can find bangladeshi food in SILOM ROAD, SOI: NANA or "POWARAT=indian market " , bangkok, thailand.
    below here are some cool links where you can find bengali food and receipy. you can learn how to make bengali food by yourself.


    Bengali culture has many forms or branches. it's so big that i can't finish even 0.25% through this page. i can give a rough idea about our rich culture.
    Bengali Language is very complex to the foreigners. it can be compared with English language. because of the foreign rule and tourists our language got alot of influence from different nations. Our language has the following influences:
    		Pali (Bali)
    so you can imagine how much enrichment that our language got from the foreign cultures. At present National Language of Bangladesh is Bangla. Eventhough West bengal people speaks Bengali, their tone and style of talking is different than Bangladeshi people. Even inside Bangladesh, Bengali Language has the influence of the regions. Different regions of Bangladesh speaks in different ways. Some part of these Local Bengali Language may not be understandable by the general people. the differece is because of tone, wording. so with in bangladesh there are many types of Bengali Language. some of Major parts are,
    beside these there are tribal languages spoken by the tribal people. below this is the analysis on bengali language by an indian expart, copied from a web site. To me His speaches is indian base and completely exclude the inportance of Bangladesh. I put this statement to let you visitors to know more. i can not certify how much truth remains in this.

    Bengali literary heritage originates from and is neatly intertwined with the classical Indo-Aryan Sanskrit language and literature. But the influence of other non-Aryan languages on Bengali cannot be ignored. It is now more or less accepted that Bengali and languages of neigbouring states belong to the Austric (or Austro-Asiatic) family of languages. Whilst Bengali carries the distinct mark of the Indo-Aryan social and cultural values, expressions or syntactic and grammatical constraints, according to Professor Sunitikumar Chatterjee, "there is, of course, the preserve of Kol and Dravidian (the Santals, the Malers, the Oraons) in the western fringes of the Bengal area, and of the Boda and Mon-Khmer speakers in the northern and eastern frontiers." It then follows that literary works in Bengali would also bear some unmistakable affinities to non-Aryan "phonetics, morphology, syntax and vocabulary" including myriads of symbolism defining the local customs and traditions foreign to the Aryan or Vedic literature.
    Professor Nihar Ranjan Roy (in his Bangalir Itihas: Adiparba) concluded that "... in addition to Sanskrit, there were two other languages in vogue in Bengal in the 9th and 10th centuries: one was derived from Souraseni and the other derived from Magadhi. The latter is said to have evolved later into Bengali. Some writers would write pad, doha and verses in both languages and the readers [reciters and listeners] too would understand them equally well."
    Below here are some links for you to know more about our culture, Food and Receipy and many more.

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