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My University

The Name of my Great University is "ASSUMPTION UNIVERSITY". IT's a Chatholic university. ABAC or Assumption University is the First english medium university in thailand. At present it is the largest, and the best english medium university in thailand. The name of this Great university is not only famous in thailand but also all over in asia. it has many affliation program with several universities in the world.

I entered into the ASSUMPTION UNIVERSITY or also known as ABAC bangkok, thailand for the Bachalor of Business Administration in 1996. i graduated from abac in march 2000 specializing in "INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT". now i am planning to go abroad for the higher studies. i find it very important to write something about this great university before you go to the website of this great university.

ABAC is managed by ST. GABRIEL . the present president of ABAC is Brother Martin.
usally abac is considered as premium class expensive english medium university. the education expenses here are comparatively higher than the other universities in thailand. but still the quality of the graduate is also higher.
Abac has two campus in bangkok, thailand. one is the old campus in Ramkhamaeng Area. another is the newly Build campus in Bangna. the old or first campus is now used for 1 and 2nd year bachalor students as well as master and doctoral degree students. the exams are also held in the old campus. during my studies the new campus was under construction so i didn't have luck to study there.
before i finish i must talk about the New Bangna campus of ABAC. it is considered as the tallest and the most beautiful campus in asia. the full construction of the campus has not been finished yet. but after finishing only 2/3 building it has achieved the largest and the most beautiful campus in asia title. the construction of the university is under way. after it finishes, if you ever come to thailand should also visit this amezing new ABAC bangna campus.

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