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Time is gold, but gold cannot buy time.

Everything is priced according to its quality-there is no real bargain.

Laziness in youth spells regret in old age.

Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.

You will not come to grief if you are not above asking questions.

Fit your appetite to the dishes and cut your coat according to your measures-adapt yourself to circumstances.

Beautiful as they are, the red flowers could not have bloomed without the green leaves.

You would not fear to face up to ten thousand contingencies if you were prepared; if, however, any one of them caught you unprepared, that one alone would suffice to throw you into a deplorable situation.

It is man's nature to aspire high as it is water's to seek its level.

Do not forget the digger of the well from which you drink.

Keep grinding the iron rod, and it will turn into a needle-perseverence promises success.

On festive occasions one thinks more than ever of his dear ones far away.

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