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a lover's hand

The hand below shows the major indicators associated with a person who is abundantly energized for maintaining physical and emotional love with intense passion. It would be rare for all of the indicators to appear on a person's hand. However, several of these indicators on a hand (with no negative indicators) would reveal a very alive and responsive person prone to enjoying strong passion.

Hand Analysis is Palmistry for new millenniumArea A:
Full mound with lots of thick soft flesh, healthy in color, with few horizontal lines and many vertical lines. This indicates that love, sympathy, and compassion are very strong and easily expressed. Decisions will be made in the heart and sentimentality will rule over logic. Kind words, soft gentle voice, and emotional feelings opens the door to this person's spirit, mind, and body.

Area B:
Little finger straight, long, and leaning out to the side away from the ring finger reveals a "free thinker" not bound by conformity and the restrictive values of others. New exciting ideas and behavior are normal for this person. Sex in the elevator or on the kitchen table is not out of the question when the mood is right.

Area C:
If the fingers are exceptionally long (compared to the palm) this person's partner is going to have to be very patient, because there will be a lot of talking before the action starts. Long fingers like lots of facts and details before making decisions. If the fingers are short (compared to the palm), the action may start on the way to the bedroom, with no energy wasted on talking about it!

Hand Analysis is Palmistry for new millenniumArea D:
Heart line long and curvy, ending in between second and third fingers. This indicates a tendency to freely release all emotions and passion that are normally blocked by the "head". This person has a philosophy: "If it feels good, then do it and enjoy it now!" This person will be well balanced in pleasing both self and partner. Emotions run the full range rapidly and frequently. Nothing will be dull with this person!

Area E:
Lower zone (of the three zones in each finger) much larger, fuller, and "plumper" proportionally than the other two zones above it. This indicates a very physically aware person who thrives on touching and especially enjoys the body's sensual pleasures. Pleasuring the body by both giving and receiving physical pleasure is a primary need. Career is likely to be massage or some other physical contact type of work.

Total hand coloring is a healthy color, soft, quite warm, and slightly damp (not dry to the touch):
This person likes to mesh all parts of his or her body, mind, and spirit with the partner's. Sexual stimulation involves much more than what goes on below the belt.

Fingers and thumb very loose and not stiff at all:
Sense of boundaries not well defined. Has a hard time saying "no" to desires of others.

HINT: No matter what type hand you have, wearing a delicate ring on both little fingers will stimulate and strengthen the subtle energies associated with this finger. You will be reminded subconsciously to always emphasize and effectively use your inner truth, spirituality, sexuality, communication and powers of negotiation to reach your full potential.
Be sure to wear the ring on both hands to balance both the private and public activities in your life.

what kind of heart do you have for love

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