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Do you know you can predict your charecteristics from your birthday number? below here is a brief article on Numerology. hope you would enjoy it.

Step one - Calculate your Birth Numbers

Example: Your birthday is .... 9-17-72
Adding them up: 9+1+7+1+9+7+2 = 36 (The full year is important)
Your birth number: = 36
Add your birth numbers together: 3+6=9
Your final birth number is: 36/9
Make sure you do not leave a + sign at the end of you calculation i.e. 9+1+7+1+9+7+2+ Add the digits of your Birth date here Be sure to add each digit individually and remember to include the century i.e. 9+1+7+1+9+7+2

Step two - What do the numbers represent?

Each digit of our birth number reveals hidden meanings related to who we are and our life purpose. The energies of the digits that make up our birth number all contribute to the texture our life. The energies of each number will be influential to your life according to the position of each number. The numbers to the left of the slash mark have a lesser influence than the numbers right of the slash mark. Each number will reveal a life issue that needs to be worked through (if you are working in the negative) or a strength in your life (if you are working the energy in the positive)
Example#1... 36/9: 3 (lesser influence) 6 (greater influence) 9 LIFE PURPOSE NUMBER Example#2... 39/12: 3 (lesser influence) 9 (greater influence) 1 & 2 LIFE PURPOSE NUMBERS

Step Three - The energies and issues with each

Each energies description is brief but in my studies I have found them to be quite profound if you add a little self reflection. I have been calculating the numbers of my friends and family for years and have found the descriptions of the number energies to be wonderfully accurate.